Welcome to the Grupo Memba - your collaborators: advisors, facilitators, mediators, and liaisons. x

GML is on-the-ground at the heart of the growing energy/infrastructure development sector in one of the world’s fastest growing economies

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Providing, researching and obtaining timely turnaround on all aspects of licensing, certifications, and approvals to do business, as well as the current and future environment for particular projects and developments


Whether its green energy solutions, or sustainable resource management, and industrial development, GML is your source for creative, cutting-edge solutions.  Employing a multi-disciplinary staff, who function as a team of experts, international development practitioners, representing various countries and fields, GML brings the finest intellectual property, technologies, research and implementation support to your project.


Linking you to and with the services and resources you need for success in this market.  Let us be your liaison and facilitator.  We offer you the ability to access and understanding  the African Business environment– culture, personalities, behavior, marketing issues, purchasing and leasing cycles, including development plans.


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